Surprising declines in the DAX

Mona Hetzel
November 10, 2020

Surprising declines in the DAX

In the Corona crisis, most of the time there were the winners and the losers.
The new message of the pharmaceutical companies Biontech and Pfizer has sparked a turnaround on the winners and losers side.  The companies announced the results of a new study and thereby sparked new hope that a vaccine that offers some protection against Covid-19 might soon be available. Stock market prices in Frankfurt am Main, London, Paris and Milan subsequently shot up. Some of the previous winners of the crisis had to cope with sharp falls in share prices.

The shares of the video provider Zoom in particular suffered severe slumps. During the crisis and especially during the lockdown, Zoom helped people to organize their social and business lives.  Currently, a loss of around 12.5 percent can be recorded - but it is still at a very high level. Since March, the company's share price had risen by 500 percent at times, while the shares of the Dax-listed food delivery service Delivery Hero fell by more than five percent. For 2020, however, this still means an increase of around 50 percent. The shares of Shop Apotheke (-19 percent), the cooker-box seller Hellofresh (-15 percent) and the online fashion retailer Zalando (-9.6 percent) fell significantly. Business with corona tests also slumped.
The biotech company Qiagen suffered a loss (-10 percent). This company had benefited greatly from the corona test business. Drägerwerk papers also lost ground. The company produces, among other things, ventilators and breathing masks. Teamviewer papers also fell. The software company does business with remote maintenance and video conferencing software.

It remains exciting to see how the Dax will continue to change. It is clear that the place on the podium can change quickly.

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